Ed West & Daddy Nature – Morgans Rain ft. Bahia [Born On Road]

Ed West & Daddy Nature - Morgans Rain ft. Bahia - Born On Road 005 - Cover Art

After the success of Stivs & Katch Pyro’s dance floor ripper ‘Yuh No Badman’ Born On Road return with another vocal driven, amen-tastic stomper just in time for festival season. While Ed West may be a new name for the Born On Road catalogue, he is by no means a name to be reckoned with. As well as his success as the funky drummer in the well established 9 piece reggae band ’The Drop’ he is also a master of production spanning across multiple genres including reggae, jungle, hip hop, soul, grime & Dancehall.

For this single Ed teams up with the Reggae Shack and Urban Nerds genius that is Daddy Nature (AKA Rompa), who has been making waves recently collaborating with Chris Lorenzo, Adam Prescott and one of Born On Road’s founders Aries.
The duo team up with vocalist Bahia to unleash their long awaited ‘Morgans Rain’. The track kicks off with an air of tension before the sound of chopped up amens begin to build in the background along with some great vocal harmonies before dropping seamlessly into a nice 140bpm jungle roller. Bubbling with the sound of the bass growing until the ever favourite sound of the Dead Dred inspired warp bass kicks in with a half time drum track and more splashes of the airy vocal. While the vocal is a strong line in this track it is by no means the driving force. The ever changing drum beat and bubbling bass line keep this as fresh as ever and is some great ammunition for any dance floor!

As if that wasn’t enough the guys at HQ have also commissioned remixes from Jungle veteran and Dread Recordings finest Bladerunner as well as a great summer reggae bubbler from label favourite Max Powa!

Load the clip, crank the bass, sit back and get ready for your heart to beat double time. This is Morgans Rain

Like the tracks? Buy it HERE


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