Producer Convention – P.A.R.T.Y. & I Wanna Lay You On Your Back [Hostage Bass]


Producer Convention are four garage mechanics who have had more than a slice of luck recently when their work lotto pool at ‘Dave’s Engines’ in Peckham was worth 2 million quid.  Since their win back in October, the Brixton four have invested their money in lush DJ equipment, 4 solid gold astronaut helmets to hide their identities, and sponsored Facebook posts.

Their debut release P.A.R.T.Y. comes at you in the form of a bouncy club floor banger, documenting life as Producer Convention know it right now. “It’s like living inside The Wolf Of Wall Street really, except with a lot more coke and ass” says one of the masked men, oozing Dappy like confidence. And indeed it seems like ass is the most present theme on the EP’s second song, I WANNA LAY YOU ON YOUR BACK. The title says it all really. In fact those are the only lyrics on the track.

Like this track? Buy it HERE


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