Ben Remember Interview

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Ben Remember is slowly but surely becoming a prominant figure in the House music world, having had releases on the likes of Simma Red, CR2 Recordings, This Ain’t Bristol, and the prestigous Toolroom Records.

His remix of Janette Slack’s – Lost has been premiered on the First Edition Soundcloud channel, already having gained some credible plays. We caught up with Ben to hear a bit about himself.

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2015 has been quite a busy year for you so far, with releases on This Ain’t Bristol, Toolroom Records, CR2 Records and more. How have you found it?

It’s been a lot of fun. I’ve still been homing in my sound and direction this year, so it’s been a bit all over the place, but i’ve enjoyed the ride.

Have you been surprised by the support that you’ve received for any of your previous releases? (eg. Radio plays, support from DJ’s etc.)

I guess so, It’s always crazy hearing Pete tong intro your name on radio1 or something like that. I think it will be really ‘surprising’ to see a track top a few online charts and get played by everyone all the time. If that ever happens i’d be a bit blown away.

How did you come about getting a release on Janette Slack’s label “Slack Trax”?

I know ‘Janjan’ Through the old breakbeat scene in the UK. So it’s really just been a matter of time for us to work together on a project.

Your remix of “Janette Slack – Lost” is very much on a Deep/Tech House vibe. Would you say that is the genre you stick to producing most, or do you have a varied production style?

I make a large amount of music, but as for Ben Remember stuff it will be very much on the ‘new sounding’ tech house vibe for a while now.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Loads more release’s on the way, like at least one remix and an EP every month until the end of the year. lol Some big stuff in the pipe line but that’s all a bit shh atm.

Finally, what are your top 5 most influential tracks of all time?

Loads of the same old 80’s hits that everyone mentions, the late 90’s Trance times where a huge influence on me. Naming 5 track that influence me is like asking whats my fav film. There’s just bloody loads! 😉

Janette Slack – Lost + Remixes are available HERE


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