Potential Badboy – The Album [Playaz Recordingz]

PBB Album-600

Potential Badboy brings a breath of fresh air to the Drum & Bass scene, with some seriously great vibes, brought together by tantalising, feel good vocals, seriously clean sub bass and amazing drums.

This really is one of the best albums I’ve heard in years, and could leave a big imprint on the Drum & Bass scene, revolutionising it altogether.

Since day one Chris has been a pioneer of Jungle, under various aliases, in more projects than you know, always favouring pushing musical creativity over chasing the limelight.

In 2003 he called on DJ Hype for his next step and in no time he had kitted out studio and a new home with Playaz. The 2015 Potential Badboy LP: This is not a collection of singles but a body of work. A showcase album giving a detailed insight into what Chris has always been about. Bursting with Reggae & Dub infused Jungle that crosses all manner of moods, it’s just as comfortable on the dance floor as it is on radio.

An album to listen to from start to finish, Potential Badboy see’s the return of the unsung Jungle general showing us his true stripes.



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