Baileys Brown’s Top 5 UK Garage Producers

techknowledge front

Ahead of the release of his latest album “Techknowledge”, Baileys Brown gives us his top 5 UK Garage producers of all time.

Baileys Brown – Top 5 UK Garage Producers

“Always has the sickest basslines.”

Sticky – Triplets [Perpetuity]

DJ Swiss
“All that early so solid shit was dope! (Not talking about the blinged out shit, the riddims that DJs were spinning in raves) arguably the birth of Grime.”

So Solid Crew – Oh No (Sentimental Things) [Relentless Records]

MJ Cole
“Mad soulful style, iconic tunes.”

MJ Cole – Sincere [Talkin’ Loud]

“Always loved their tunes and remixes.”

Wideboys Ft. Dennis G – Sambuca [Locked On]

Zed Bias
“Same with him. All of these guys were the reason I got hooked on Garage when growing up.”

Zed Bias – Neighbourhood [Locked On]

Baileys Browns album “Techknowledge” is out on the 13th November 2015 on Daily Operation

Pre Order/Buy it HERE


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