Toronto is Broken Top 3 Bass Tunes of 2015


We caught up with Toronto Is Broken to hear his Top 3 Bass Tunes of 2015.

Koven – From The Start
I’ve been a massive fan of Koven ever since “Wake Me Up”, and I think they have just invented the bass music equivalent of a ballad. The orchestration and composition at the start is glorious and very well thought out. Katie’s vocals are as glorious as ever, and there’s so much emotion and power to them, especially when layered with the gang vocals. All of the track leads up to just one epic drop, epic by John William’s standards. It’s such an original track overall.

Ekko & Sidetrack – Alone Without You (Ft. Samahra Eames)

I’m a sucker for catchy and emotional vocals, probably from my origins listening to My Chemical Romance, but nevertheless the vocals in this one are brilliant. There’s so much feeling to this track without compromising on any of the energy within the drop. This one’s quickly working it’s way into the favourite drum & bass tunes of all time folder. Great work from the Hansen brothers!

Jason Laidback – Oz Voodoo
This one really perked my interest when I received it on promo a few months ago. The drum groove and sound really stuck out for me and I absolutely love the vocals to this one. There’s a really menacing and dark vibe about this one that I love.

Toronto Is Broken – Way Down / Original is out NOW on Sub Slayers.

Buy it HERE


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