PRofit – True Colours Part II [Defcon Records]


Fusing UK, US and Caribbean musical influences together under one banner, one message, one sound – ‘True Colours Part 2’ where all bass breaks loose!! Profit once again kicks down the musical door for the sequel, but this time he is joined by the legendary Chip-Fu from the mighty Fu-Shnickens, along with the return of Reggae sensation Jah Mirikle – it wouldn’t be True Colours without him!

This track will get the heads nodding and gives salutes to one of the biggest vocals in the scene. When PRofit was asked how the link came about he replied “Chip-Fu is an icon in his field. One of the first to bring the flavour of sound system culture to Hip Hop music in the U.S. Chip has a tone and flow that as a UK artist, also influenced by Caribbean music, I can relate to. It made complete sense to collaborate.”

Up first on remix duty is B-Side, who wastes no time in showcasing a thundering Ghetto Funk anthem! Combining both heavy reese basslines with a hard hitting drum sequence that turbo charges this remix to go from half time, to a full time Drum & Bass beat that’s sure to make any dance floor erupt!

Up next is Fullmarx with a superb Dub influenced Hip-Hop track. With a prominent string intro and throbbing sub bass wobble throughout, Hip-Hop heads will be begging for more!

Finally Tigerlight steps up with a deep, Bass House number. A forward thinking track with an explosive drop. One for the early hours crew.

All in all, a massive selection of remixes and original that galvanise into a hard hitting package for a wide spectrum of dancefloor delights.

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