Woofax – Top 5 Technique Summer Tracks

Will summer here we thought it only right to branch out to the summers vibes of all genres!

Here is a top 5 from  Woofax who gives us his top 5 Technique summer slammers

1: Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Stay Loose

This track is vibes personified for me. It’s has elements that pay homage to classic bass riffs and is summed together with an amazing drums break. Easily one of my all time favorites

2: Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Today

When this track came out in 2001, not as many people would have considered this a summer track. This track has aged beautifully and its aesthetic was ahead of it’s time . It makes it fit great as a current summer track.

3: Technicolor- Good New Green

This track takes me back to an amazing summer I had when I first met Bassline Smith when he came to play in Boston. This has extra bonus points for reminding me of an excellent Sega game soundtrack.

4 :Tantrum Desire – Sea Breeze

What can I say that isn’t already said about Jay and his awesome production? He has a knack for finding great catchy riffs in the simplest of melodies and it’s the reason I rate this track as a summer must.

5: Erb N’ Dub & Skope – Vibes

I have a lot of respect of the versatility of these guys. This track reminds me of driving around the highway mountains of BC, Canada with my friends in the summertime.

Stream/Download Techniques Summer 2016
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