Gaffe of a Lifetime – GAFFE SEASON 1 +poems (Sampler EP)

Gaffe of a Lifetime is a 20 year old Brooklyn-born Connecticut-based electronic producer who also participates in visual art and writing.

GAFFE SEASON 1 is his third official release, and 1st official mixtape, that he has cultivated to be a stew of work that is a residue of songs and tracks hes been ruminating on, and represents his track of mind and trains of thoughts over the last year. It also intends to see into the future of incoming concepts and incoming EPs that he is building empirically.

The Mixtape also comes with poems and aphorisms that serves as a literary supplementary to the project.

GAFFE SEASON 1 +poems was born from a sloth of ruminations and particular hyperreal dread over the course of a year and some. Fuzz-minded listless apathy and deconstructed American-isms come to fruition. GAFFE SEASON 1 is the literal translated result of one living 20 year old human in the tri state metropolitan area. and what sonically comes out here is of that nurture. In chronological order the tracks provide a wordless narrative. In one instance, “ESCaping the womb” and “The Buffer Bar of Life” can be served as companion titles in a sense. A story is being told from front to end.

Most definitely GLITCH and the philosophy of glitching being a silent building block for every single piece, second, an inch of work; disruptions, collapse, mistranslations are, all intended. Glitch is the guiding pathway from which these destinations are reached. A superhighway snapshot of living in post-millienial, tri-state cyberspace America. A desire to bring forth down Americanisms and the affirmations of life. The culling for cyberspace. Self-destruction through cyberspace. A desire to kill but to also birth through sonic space. The world at a standstill through sonic texture. And death is the primary influence. The death of everyday life. GAFFE SEASON 1 presents no affirmations, besides the affirmation of particular nothingness blasting you in the face. A cornucopia of inflated idleness, digitality, and a world enthralled in contradictions spindled through entangling bleeps and bloops. A stoneface sonic assertion that civilization is irony.

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