Various Artists – Fat! Trax Vol II [Fat! Recordings]


Legendary label Fat! Recordings have once again scoured their vast catalogue to curate a compilation thats a mixture of some stone cold bassline classics club bangers, and the labels more recent highlights. May we present to you, Fat! Trax Vol II.

Featuring such names as Cause & Affect, Knoxa, Niko The Kid, Foamo, Taiki Nulight & Kry Wolf (to name just a few) this compilation packs a serious punch.

Here we have 2 brand new & exclusive tracks taken from the compilation from newcomers Shade “6AM” & Understate “What It’s Like”

‘Shade 6AM’ is an effortlessly cool house/broken beat hybrid that perfectly epitomises Fat!’s mission statement in one tune, whilst ‘Understate’ has a deep baseline vibe that easily walks the line between grade and house.

Full Compilation Track List
1. Niko The Kid – All Right
2. Taim – Blackout Blinds feat. Madi Lane
3. Vodex – Dont You Wanna
4. Cause &Affect – Another Time’ feat Jamie George (Taiki Nulight Remix)
5. Howson’s Groove – Stand Up
6. Foamo – Sherlock (Kry Wolf Remix)
7. Knoxa – You’re Mine
8. Arka – Holding On
9. wants – Track
10. De Contrebande & Development – Tell ‘Em Like It Is
11. Jett – Streets of You
12. Forget Me Not – Tear Up
13. Ten Story – Sunny & Share
14. The Attic Project – Aqoei
15. The Living Graham Bond – Winter Hunter feat. Fiona Bevan
16. ALAEV – Light As A Feather ft Julia Biel (Joe Hertz Remix)
17. Shade – 6AM
18. Understate – What It’s Like




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