Beat Assassins – War Dem ft Miss Stylie (With TREi Remix) [Mofo Recordings]


Stop the press! Beat Assassins go grime! – Or do they?

War Dem ft Miss Stylie isn’t a grime track. But then it’s not 100% drum n bass either. Some might say War Dem is; 174bpm grime n bass. Jimmy from Beat Assassins likes to think of the track as a fusion of styles.

The track started out as a drum n bass tune but as production went along Jimmy started cutting out some of the breaks while giving the bassline more of a grime edge. Then he brought in some of his influences from the breakbeat days while deciding this track needs an exceptionally talented hip-hop vocal.

And what about that vocal? War Dem wouldn’t be the powerhouse grime n bass tune that it is without Miss Stylie’s upfront vocal delivery. How did the collaboration come about?

“It’s the power of Twitter!” Explains Jimmy. “I was on the bus with #drumnbass on my twitter feed when Miss Stylie popped up. “PM me for bars & rhymes” she wrote. So I checked out her soundcloud page and immediately knew this was the artist I had been looking for. So I struck up a deal with her management company and the rest is history.”

War Dem definitely fits the bill for any bass music, slash, drum n bass DJ looking to push the boundaries of the 174bpm. However Jimmy knew that the chorus to War Dem would sound epic over a neuro-style drum n bass banger. So Beat Assassins turned to rising dnb star Trei; who delivered what can only be described as a stadium drum n bass explosion.

BUY: Beatport / iTunes




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