Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan – Bass=Win Sound System: One and Only [Bass=Win]


Rico Tubbs & Terry Hooligan are the Bass=Win Soundsystem. This, their first collaboration in recorded form (there has been many collaborations before this, such as DJ’ing and touring the world together under the name, sharing headphones, buying the same T-shirts in different colours, both liking the same kind of bread for toasted cheese sandwiches.. the list goes on)… But this EP marks a special point in history for both the guys and their label…

As you would expect, the EP draws heavily from Garage, Rave, Breakbeat (not BR8KZ) and bass music. All 3 versions of ‘One and Only’ light up the dancefloor (they know they do… They tested them), whilst ‘Bring The Horns’ does exactly that… STRAIGHT TO YO FACE!!!!

While touring in the early days of Atomic Hooligan, Terry met Rico in his native Finland and they hit it off immediately. It was around the same time Terry & Jay Cunning were forging the beginnings of Menu Music. Rico ended up having the labels first release, the now classic ‘Flashlighter’.. After that, the label released his album ‘Knuckle Sandwich’ with yet another stone cold classic ‘Gangsters’.. This led Terry & Rico to start Bass=Win… over 63 EP’s and 4 albums later, The Bass=Win Soundsystem is here.. and its MASSIVE!!!

This EP encapsulates the the raw energy these 2 gifted DJ’s bring to the stage when they touch down for a show. Watch out for them in your town soon.


// Bass = Win //

// Rico Tubbs //

// Terry Hooligan //


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