Beat Assassins – Crazy ft Alex Holmes (SKMA Remix) [MOFO Recordings]


There comes a time when an electronic music producer just want to make some filth and Crazy ft Alex Holmes is the result of just that. Crazy is by far the dirtiest track yet by Beat Assassins (BA).

“Yeah it’s a beast” explains Jimmy from BA. “But I wanted to make the kind of track you build towards at the end of your set. That 3am banger that roars from the rig and obliterates the club. The kind of track that gets played when the club is at its most intense. When the sweat is dripping from the ceiling. The rig is at its loudest and the crowd are screaming for the filth and the fury.”
Crazy does most definitely tick those boxes but let’s not forget those lush vocal tones from Alex Holmes.

“Alex nailed it,” says Jimmy. “That whole broken heart, female angst vocal over the piano, strings and arpeggios before the neuro bass drop always kills it for me.”

But not every DJ is looking for full throttle drum n bass so let’s cue the SKMA remix that takes Crazy to the far opposite spectrum of drum & bass.

SKMA’s interpretation of the original is just pure lush! Liquid drum n bass at its most fluid. It has an epic like, melancholy-movie-quality to it, as deep rolling subs, strings, pianos and pads all intertwine at the same time whilst bringing a dramatic, yet haunting delivery of Alex Holmes’ beautiful voice.

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