Caspa – Deja Vu (taken from the Vibrations Series) [Sub Soldiers]


Next to add heat to Caspa’s smouldering sub bass fire is the darkest tune of the Vibrations series so far: The heavily requested intro track from the 2017 Caspa Mix 1.0 we give you Deja Vu. A prang pincer movement, hitting your senses hard from two directions… Firstly the conspiratorial spoken word ensuring we’re all woke from the off, secondly a cascading bassline that spirals deep into the bass abyss, drilling further and further into your psyche. Heightened by crafty edits on the percussion that mirror of the melody of the hook, not only is it one of the darkest tracks of the series but one of the most subtly detailed, too.

With no final date in sight, we are now 5 releases deep and Caspa going on record to say he’s sitting on the biggest percy stash of bangers he’s ever made, these tremors are only going to get louder. Trust us; we’re going to be feeling good “Vibrations” for long time yet. Like we said, the clue is in the title…


Umbongo / Venom / Get Higher

// CASPA MIX 1.0 //



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