Cabinet Of Millionaires – Serve Me Ft. Pat Fulgoni [Chocolate Fireguard]

CoM Serve Me EP cover

“The kind of dance music that DJ’s like Andy Weatherall would turn people onto or the Talking Heads would delight the New York uber cool clubs with” says Eddie Gordon (BBC Essential Mix).

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Caspa – 33 Degrees [Sub Soldiers]


The late night tremors persist… Caspa’s single-track ‘Vibrations Series’ continues with another demonstrative dead drop. Having launched late last year with the perennial underground smasher ‘Umbongo’, followed by the heavy drama and high demand of ‘Venom’ and ‘Get Higher’ the low-end pioneer’s mission is simple: To deliver crystal club hitters with singular focus on quality, no unnecessary fluff or flab to any release, just precision focused primetime dark room bass that make every bone in your body vibrate. Well, the clue is in the title.

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Caspa – Umbongo [Sub Soldiers]


Some say ‘vibes’, Caspa prefers ‘Vibrations’ Not just a more formal, respectful term for the oscillating phenomenon that guarantees we hear anything in life but the name of his exciting new series. His first substantial solo body of work since the forthright horsepower and back-to-basics attitude of ‘500’ in 2014/15, ‘Vibrations’ continues his ever-refined stripped-back, broadsword bass vision.Dark, dangerous and designed for the underground, each track is tailored with one pure purpose: proper dancefloor buzzes….

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ill.Gates – More Tea [Muti Music]


More Tea serves as a precursor to the forthcoming album Terminally Ill by ill.Gates.

Featuring field recordings from remote villages in China, More Tea delivers a tight melody, a great hook and awesome levels of funk and bass driven goodness. Top notch remixes are featured from established talent that is known for creating some of the best mayhem on dancefloors, namely Liquid Stranger, David Starfire and Mr. Bill and then also introduces emerging artists Sonia Calico from Taipei and Jason Hou from Beijing who each deliver some of the most tasteful remixes we could have expected.

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